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Terms & Conditions


The Mozart Residence Event OHG, briefly mentioned as „operator“ in the following, sets up the following Terms and Conditions as the basis of a legal business activity with respect to the internet bookings and transactions.

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[headline style=”heading-line”]PAYMENT METHODS[/headline]

There are recited offer prices being noted that that price changes are reserved. Payments are due promptly when ordering or after receipt of the invoice. The costs incurred in a bank transfer fees or other charges shall be borne by the purchaser and shall indemnify the seller.

[headline style=”heading-line”]CANCELLATION OF TICKETS AND LIABILITY[/headline]

A cancellation of pre-paid tickets are not accepted unless mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act are applicable. Attention is drawn explicitly to the consumer‘s entitled right of withdrawal, which has to be asserted within 7 working days from the receipt of goods or completion of the contract. In case of a withdrawal declared by the consumer, the refund of the return costs incurred by the consumer is agreed. Furthermore, it is noted that tickets are taken back for commission sales, where 20% commission fee are being deducted from the achieved sales price.

[headline style=”heading-line”]POSTPONEMENTS[/headline]

Program changes, changes to the cast or start time do not justify a conversion or possible price reductions. For delays, accidents or disruptions that are related to force majeure or circumstances beyond our control, no liability is accepted.

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