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Keeping Mozarts Spirit alive


Music is our passion.

The sound of professional ensemble

Handpicked musicians and internationally renowned soloists

Conférencier guides through the program with anecdotes and facts



The Mozart in Residenz Ensemble presents a wide repertoire across all genres of the music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. All members of the ensemble, who find themselves in the professional orchestras of the city full-time, bring their years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of classical music in the joint work.
The musicians of “Mozart in Residenz” have developed a program that does not deprive the listener of musical diversity.



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his compositions in a very sophisticated and demanding orchestral writing, what differed his compositions from those of his contemporaries. In particular, the winds obtained by a previously unknown self-reliance. Associated with this, the length and the girth of the individual works also increased, most clearly to be seen in his symphonies. The same is also observed in the works of his contemporary Joseph Haydn. On the basis of Mozart’s compositional techniques and styles, he created works of great complexity and significant style, thanks to his unique creative skills.


Our Conferencier, the renowned tenor Maximilian Kiener, will guide through the evening and not only give you back ground information to Mozarts masterpieces but also enchant you with wonderfull opera arias and much more, accompanied by the “Salzburg Mozart Ensemble”.


Do not miss the “Salzburg Mozart Ensemble” and let them enchant you with Mozarts finest masterpieces!


The concert series hosts a different soloists at each concert. Don´t miss your chance to listen to performing musicians such as, Ferdinand Steiner, Riccardo Terzo and may more!